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 Lalit Kumar Jain
Lalit Kumar Jain Journey

Lalit Kumar Jain-Kumar Builders KUL 

Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain is sole proprietor of Kumar Builders KUL and is nicknamed as the “Green Man of Pune” for his eco-obliging nature. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Dyaneshwar Vidhyapeeth, Pune. 

Lalit Kumar Jain has been the Managing Director of Kumar Urban Development Limited (KUL). This also called Kul Kumar Builders since February 3, 2003. He started his calling as an administrator in a Pune based association and added to make it appealing benefits. Awesome in execution, he later joined his father Late Shri Kesarimalji Kamdar’s business Kumar and Co. Aced real learning and the organization techniques. 

With association proverb “We Build Trust” he has a go at doing what he proposes for others to do. Little considers and over some stretch of time his business created. Kumar Builders quickly transformed into a name for quality land in Pune.

 Lalit Kumar Jain‘s first project in the real estate industry was the development of 35000 sq ft complex.

He has cut a claim to fame for himself in Pune advancement with more than 100 endeavors. More than 14,000 lofts setting a benchmark and trust. Besides private structures, 1 BHK Flat in Pune, He made IT Buildings, Retail Malls, IT Park and systems. 

Lalit Kumar Jain-Chairman of Kumar Builders KUL 

Green Man of Pune-Lalit Kumar Jain 

Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain holds Partnerships at Kumar Builders Conso, Kumar Sons, Kruti Family Trust, Kumar Builders Mumbai, Techno Lifestyle Development Corporation, Avi Constructions, and Kumar Developer. 

Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain Serves as Director at Director Kumar Housing Corporation Limited, Kumar Sinew Developers Limited, Sinew Developers Limited, Kumar City Club Limited, Sukumar online business Limited, Sukumar Housing and Finance Private Limited, Ketki Properties and Estate Private Limited, Kumar Horticulture Private Limited, Pune Rehabilitation Projects Private Limited, Pune Urban Estates Private Limited, Krutikumar Realty Holdings Private Limited, Kumar Krishimitra Bio-Products (I) Private Limited, Sukumar Machines and Constructions Private Limited.

And also Sublime Infrastructure Private Limited, Preferred Builders and Promoters Realty Private Limited, Kumar I.K.A. Port Developers Private Limited, L.K. Urban Development Private Limited, Orange City Infrastructure Development Private Limited, Kumar I.K.A. Producers and Developers Private Limited, KBR Developers Private Limited, Pune Technopolis Development Private Limited, Kumar Builders KUL Township Ventures Private Limited, Sukumar Enviro Farms Private Limited, Pune-Mumbai Realty Private Limited, Kumar Builder Township Developer Private Limited, Khiranagar Development Private Limited, L.K. Creators Private Limited, and River View Properties Private Limited. 

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Lalit Kumar Jain fills in as a trustee of Kruti Family Trust, H.U.F. additionally, L.K. Jain (HUF). He fills in as the President of the Pune District Amateur Athletics Association.

He additionally fills in as Vice President of CREDAI (West). The L K Jain filled in as the President of Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI). 

Mr. Jain took a working part in sifting through the designing system. He was the most energetic Secretary and President of the Promoters Builders Association of Poona (PBAP). Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain has been associated with CREDAI impeccable from its beginning. 

As the essential convener of CREDAI national show in Vigyan Bhawan. He is in like way credited for gathering the best number of makers on one stage. Has been the Vice President of CREDAI twice. He has from a general perspective added to the affiliation’s exercises and delineations on the strategy and authentic issues.

Mr. Lalit kumar Jain was First Convener of the National Convention for CREDAI at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. He is the convener of Advantage Maharashtra has been a touch of setting up the Federation of Builders.

Promoters Association of Maharashtra and CREDAI. He has been dynamic on various talks of land makers and has been allowed to visit on various national. Also overall get-together and colleges as a specialist in the land. 

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Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain is the champ of Man of the Year in 2008 by Accommodation Times, Rashtriya Udyog Samman Puraskar. Aslo singular achievements in budgetary headway in 2006, Pune Ratna Award.

For responsibility in the social and business field, 2006 and Nirman Bharti Rashtriya Samman. For duty for money related advancement and social improvement by All India Business and Community Foundation (AIBCF), 2006. 

His remarkable thinking power and aptitude to develop trust in the people have caused. Kumar Builders KUL to be one of the most prominent, trusted and best builders in Pune. 

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