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Smart cities by definition mean an amalgamation of efficient systems working together for the benefit of both residents and the environment. Smart cities are a seamless functioning between environment and economy. A smart city should be able to deliver good infrastructure such as water, sanitation, waste management, reliable utility services and health care. In this way, it is similar to the idea of a 'green' structure. The crucial feature of both a Smart City & a green construction is the consolidation between affordability, resources and sustainability.

Biswaroop Padhi,
Co-Founder & Principal Partner,
Square Yards Consulting

The word 'Green' is NO MORE a fad but a necessity. It is the way in which all industry and people's personal choices are moving towards. The rate at which our population is growing, green buildings are the most viable and feasible options for the future.

Sanjay Agarwal,
Head, Marketing and Sales,
Salarpuria Sattva Group

The young buyers today are conscious of the buildings environment friendliness and are even willing to pay a premium for building which provide such features as they know it will reduce their outgoings in the future. A Green building has a lot of tangible and intangible benefits, among the tangible benefits are reduction of power consumption by about 10-20% depending upon the fittings used and reduction in water consumption by about 20% - 25%.

Sunny Bijlani,
Supreme Universal

Reports indicate that India is more than ready for environment friendly buildings and suggest that India has the second largest footprint of green buildings in the world. So India has already demonstrated that customers are more than ready for environmentally friendly builders.

Ashwini Kumar,
Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer,
Nitesh Estates Ltd.

Sustainable and green buildings are a global phenomenon, with 100 smart cities, India would also join the movement in a big way. Smart cities will bridge the gap between the demand and supply of social, economic, physical and institutional infrastructure in the country.

PS Jayakumar,
Managing Director,
VBHC Value Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Indian customers are certainly ready for environmentally friendly building, given that they are readily willing to pay slightly more than the average rates for projects which are more eco friendly. Indian customers look for quality living and hence environmentally friendly buildings that efficiently use energy, water and other resources, therefore reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation are the best find for them.

Mr. Mehul Thakur,
Viva Homes

For customers, green buildings construction assures the healthiest possible environment by reducing its environmental footprint through sustainable selections and conservation of energy and resources. In addition, occupants of green buildings enjoy healthier indoor environments and higher productivity levels.

Ms. Kruti Jain,
Kumar Urban Development Pvt. Ltd

Smart city is not only about home automation, extensive usage of technology for ease of availing services and real time information and data. Green building is key component of smart city, which optimizes the usage of energy, water and facilitates recycling of natural resources and ensure a healthy environment.

Mr Prabhat Ranjan,
Olympeo Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd